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NAREE : Blending traditional craftsmanship with modern style

"Naree" is an ancient Pali/Sanskrit-derived Lao word, meaning "woman" or "goddess." The Naree brand strives to communicate to modern women the value of tradition alongside social development. "Naree modern handbags" received the highest recognition for outstanding business plan in the World Bank’s STEPS Young Entrepreneur Marketplace Competition in 2013. Naree became the first brand of handbags in the Lao PDR, opening its first store in the beginning of 2015 under the name, Naree Laos Brand.

Materials used in the production of Naree bags include silk, cotton and other Lao fabrics that are well known for their artistic beauty. Seventy percent of the fabrics used by Naree bags are sourced from silk-weaving artisans in remote villages of Vientiane Province. Leather and other textiles are added to the Lao fabrics to ensure durability. In this way, culture and modernity blend together perfectly to bring the enchantment of traditional crafts into the world of modern fashion, establishing the unique identity that is Naree.